Investing in Brazil is really very welcome for the country and therefore possible to any person from overseas.

Since many investors are first time players but appreciate to have clear guidance of how it all works and goes, we herewith give you a brief summary of what steps are required, to become owner of real estate in Brazil.

Steps: As you may understand, there are some details inside these steps, too much text to put all at this page, but none of them are complicated or difficult to any foreigner.

Basically, no investor needs to be citizen in or inhabitant of Brazil, really anyone can own a property here or invest!

To most of the investors, investing privately is the best choice of all. IN almost all overseas countries returns on private investments are declared tax free!

If you appreciate more personal and detailed information about all steps to invest while seriously considering to become also owner of real estate in the booming market of Ceará, then do not hesitate to contact us!

We are there to help you!