Brazil, doing very well due to it’s booming economy and numerous national reserves, that all generate enormous income to improve the welfare of the country, has meanwhile issued various attractive “boost’ programs.
The most impressive program of all for sure is:
  • PAC, o Programa de Aceleraçao de Crescimento, the Growth Acceleration Program!

The program, launched to boost and accelerate the economy and growth, is already well known all over Brazil and involves a total of Rs 503,9 Billion Reais (186,30 Billion Euro’s!) on local ‘boost’ injections, investments of the government, with appr. Rs 58,3 Billion (Euro 21,59 Billion) destined only for the North East!

The funds involved are spread out over the following areas:
  • Transports for more info click here!
  • Roads & highways for more info click here!
  • Canals & Waterways for more info click here!
  • Ports for more info click here!
  • Inter modals for more info click here!
  • Basins for more info click here!
  • Irrigation for more info click here!
  • Electric Energy for more info click here!
  • Airports for more info click here!
The new highway CE 085, one of the main factors behind the ‘boost’ start of Itarema & Ilha do Guajiru, is a splendid example of the immediate results of this program!

But also the Port of Pecem, actually also an enormously booming area, where large increases of the port facility is planned to take place, is another!

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